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Bengali culture. Bengali symbols. Burman , composer and singer Raichand Boral , Bollywood music composer S. Analyzing similarities and differences across all of the trials in these collections is a major challenge.

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Visualizing a single trial at a time does not work, and the typical alternative of juxtaposing multiple trials in a single visual display leads to complex, difficult-to-interpret visualizations. We address this problem via a new strategy that organizes the analysis around motion trends rather than trials. This new strategy matches the cognitive approach that scientists would like to take when analyzing motion collections. We introduce several technical innovations making trend -centric motion visualization possible.

First, an algorithm detects a motion collection's trends via time-dependent clustering. Second, a 2D graphical technique visualizes how trials leave and join trends. Third, a 3D graphical technique, using a median 3D motion plus a visual variance indicator, visualizes the biomechanics of the set of trials within each trend.

These innovations are combined to create an interactive exploratory visualization tool, which we designed through an iterative process in collaboration with both domain scientists and a traditionally-trained graphic designer. We report on insights generated during this design process and demonstrate the tool's effectiveness via a validation study with synthetic data and feedback from expert musculoskeletal biomechanics researchers who used the tool to analyze the effects of disc degeneration on human spinal kinematics. Recent trends in rainfall and temperature over North West India during Rainfall and temperature are the most important environmental factors influencing crop growth, development, and yield.

The northwestern NW part of India is one of the main regions of food grain production of the country.

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In this study, attempts were made to study variability and trends in rainfall and temperature during year climate normal periods CN and year decadal excess or deficit rainfall frequency during the historical period from to The Mann-Kendall and Spearman's rank correlation Spearman's rho tests were used to determine significance of trends. Least square linear fitting method was adopted to find out the slopes of the trend lines. The long-term mean annual rainfall over North West India is There was increasing trend in minimum and maximum temperatures during post monsoon season in entire study period and current climate normal period due to which the sowing of rabi season crops may be delayed and there may be germination problem too.

There was a non-significant decreasing trend in rainfall during monsoon season and an increasing trend in rainfall during post monsoon over North West India during entire study period. During current CN5 , all the subdivision except the Saurashtra region showed a decreasing trend in rainfall during monsoon season which is a matter of concern for kharif crops and those rabi crops which are grown as rainfed on conserved soil moisture.

The decadal annual and seasonal frequencies of excess and deficit years results revealed that the annual total deficit rainfall years 24 exceeded total excess rainfall years 22 in North West India during the entire study period. While during the current decadal period to , single year was the excess year and 2 years were. Climatology and trends of summer high temperature days in India during With a focus on the regional variability and long-term trends , the impacts of HT days are examined by dividing the country into six geographical regions North, West, North-central, East, South-central and South.

Although the long-term climatological numbers of HT days display well-defined spatial patterns, there is clear change in climatological mean and coefficient of variation of HT days in a recent period However, spatial variations in HT days exist across different regions in the country. The data analysis shows that was the warmest summer year and was the coolest summer year in India. Comparison of spatial distributions of trends in HT days for and periods reveal that there is an abrupt increase in the number of HT days over north, west and north-central regions of India probably from mid s.

A steep increase in summer HT days in highly populated cities of Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, and Visakhapatnam is noticed during the recent period of The summer HT days over southern India indicate significant positive correlation with Nino 3. Predicting and analyzing the trend of traffic accidents deaths in Iran in and Predicting the trend in traffic accidents deaths and its analysis can be a useful tool for planning and policy-making, conducting interventions appropriate with death trend , and taking the necessary actions required for controlling and preventing future occurrences.

It was a cross-sectional study. All the information related to fatal traffic accidents available in the database of Iran Legal Medicine Organization from to the end of were used to determine the change points multi-variable time series analysis. Using autoregressive integrated moving average ARIMA model, traffic accidents death rates were predicted for and , and a comparison was made between this rate and the predicted value in order to determine the efficiency of the model.

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From the results, the actual death rate in was almost similar to that recorded for this year, while in there was a decrease compared with the previous year for all the months. From the prediction and analysis of the death trends , proper application and continuous use of the intervention conducted in the previous years for road safety improvement, motor vehicle safety improvement, particularly training and culture-fostering interventions, as well as approval and execution of deterrent regulations for changing the organizational behaviors, can significantly decrease the loss caused by traffic accidents.

Trends in child immunization across geographical regions in India : focus on urban-rural and gender differentials.

Although child immunization is regarded as a highly cost-effective lifesaver, about fifty percent of the eligible children aged months in India are without essential immunization coverage. Despite several programmatic initiatives, urban-rural and gender difference in child immunization pose an intimidating challenge to India 's public health agenda. This study assesses the urban-rural and gender difference in child immunization coverage during across six major geographical regions in India.

Bivariate analyses, urban-rural and gender inequality ratios, and the multivariate-pooled logistic regression model were applied to examine the trends and patterns of inequalities over time. The analysis of change over one and half decades shows considerable variations in child immunization coverage across six geographical regions in India. Despite a decline in urban-rural and gender differences over time, children residing in rural areas and girls remained disadvantaged.

Moreover, northeast, west and south regions, which had the lowest gender inequality in observed an increase in gender difference over time. Similarly, urban-rural inequality increased in the west region during This study suggests periodic evaluation of the health care system is vital to assess the between and within group difference beyond average improvement. It is essential to integrate strong immunization systems with broad health systems and coordinate with other primary health care delivery programs to augment immunization coverage.

Trends From the National Sample Surveys India has experienced marked sociocultural change, economic growth and industry promotion of tobacco products over the past decade.

Little is known about the influence of these factors on socioeconomic patterning of tobacco use. This study examines trends in tobacco use by socioeconomic status SES in India between and Prevalence of any tobacco use remained consistent in the poorest households Bidi use declined across all groups poorest: Smokeless tobacco use increased for all households poorest: Marked SES patterning of tobacco use has persisted in India.

Improving enforcement of tobacco control policies and monitoring comprehensive smoke-free legislations are needed to address this growing burden. We found "resilient" tobacco patterns in the last decade despite prevention interventions.


SES continues to be inversely associated with tobacco products, with the exception of cigarettes. The declines in bidi use may be getting replaced by increase in cigarette use trends , especially among lower SES groups. The use of smokeless. Trends From the National Sample Surveys — Introduction: India has experienced marked sociocultural change, economic growth and industry promotion of tobacco products over the past decade.

Results: Prevalence of any tobacco use remained consistent in the poorest households The declines in bidi use may be getting replaced by increase in. EOLC involves good communication, clinical decision-making, liaison with medical teams and families, comprehensive assessment of and specialized interventions for physical, psychological, spiritual, and social needs of patients and their caregivers.

The psychiatrist can play a significant role in each of the above domains in EOLC. Future directions include formulating a national EOLC policy, providing appropriate services and training.

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The psychiatrist should get involved in this process, with major responsibilities in providing good quality EOLC for patients with both life-limiting physical illnesses and severe mental disorders, supporting their caregivers, and ensuring dignity in death. Assessment of Surface Water Storage trends for increasing groundwater areas in India.

However, surface water, which is an equally important source of water in these semi-arid areas has not been studied yet. In the present study, the study areas were outlined based on trends in GRACE data followed by trend identification in surface water storages and checking the hypothesis of causality. Results suggest that rainfall is the granger-causal of all the storage variables for R1 and R2, the regions exhibiting the most significant positive trends in TWS.

Trends and homogeneity of monthly, seasonal, and annual rainfall over arid region of Rajasthan, India.

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Knowledge of rainfall variability is important for regional-scale planning and management of water resources in agriculture. This study explores spatio-temporal variations, trends , and homogeneity in monthly, seasonal, and annual rainfall series of 62 stations located in arid region of Rajasthan, India using 55 year data. Box-whisker plots indicate presence of outliers and extremes in annual rainfall, which made the distribution of annual rainfall right-skewed. A general gradient of the mean monthly, seasonal, and annual rainfall is visible from northwest to southeast direction, which is orthogonal to the gradient of CV.

The Sen's innovative trend test is found over-sensitive in evaluating statistical significance of the rainfall trends , while the Mann-Kendall test identifies significantly increasing rainfall trends in June and September. Rainfall in July shows prominently decreasing trends although none of them are found statistically significant.