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When it comes to Cancer man and Capricorn woman marriage, Although the marriage compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn is.

The good news is enjoyable time with friends and family is, however, indicated. Paired Totters are able to work out just about anything but must be willing to agree on any expense that hits you especially if it hits hard, on the 16th. Other days are not as likely to drive a wedge as the potential for damage the 16th holds.

Hang tight with each other.

Weekly Horoscope for Aquarius

There are many days this week that are exciting for singles and hold long range potential. Read the weekly partner horoscope Friendship is easily number one for you any week of the year and my commenting on that has happened often. But sometimes you fail to see how pals view you. Taking praise and accepting affection for your deeds always seems to make you a tad uncomfortable; as if you wish to remain autonomous; they know anyway.

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You are very likely to save someone's bacon this week big time, possibly without even realizing it. Blow back is low and praise is high, especially with signs like Pisces , other Aquarius , Leo , Cancer , Virgo and Taurus. Just expect Taurus to do it awkwardly or too much over the top.

Weekly Horoscopes

That's us in a nutshell. Be watchful every day as it is likely that power people have you in their sights but not to destroy you, likely to move, promote or give you wonderful opportunity to grow, expand, back you so you can do your thing or, put you out front to show you off to even higher placed other power people.

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Aries , Leo , Aquarius , Cancer , Pisces and Virgo power people may be either very helpful or a small roadblock hindrance you have to tactfully go around without them knowing or losing face while you do it. This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to share your creative ideas. Everyone will be fascinated with your conversations.

But this Monday, November 11, you may want to pause from the ladder-climbing and get your bearings. As the Sun syncs up with Mercury retrograde in your tenth house of career, you can review your strategy: Are you racing forward at too fast a pace?

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  • Do you need to tighten up the basics or give yourself a more realistic timeline for production? Rather than relying on gut checks and guesswork, map out a project plan and a realistic budget. The facts will speak for themselves.

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    A clash with an authority figure could disrupt your inner peace but try not to let it totally derail you. Are you living your life for YOU, Aquarius, or to please other people? Always use common sense. Choose your zodiac sign below for your weekly horoscope forecast by Rita-Ann and Deborah Browning.

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    Ms Rita-Ann Freeman, known as "The Voice of Astrology" is a fifth generation astrologer, TV and radio host and publisher of a daily horoscope mailing list. She writes the weekly forecasts for horoscope. Check your weekly horoscope for information regarding your private life, especially family issues, love, friendship.