In regard to 'vara', in general Tuesday and Saturday are considered inauspicious though they are valid for surgical operations. One should note that in Indian Astrology, the weekday is said to commence from sunrise. Of the twenty-seven 'nakshtras', Bharani and Krittika are avoided for all works as they are said to be presided over by Yama, the lord of death.

In 'yoga', the 6th,9th,10th,17th and 27th are inauspicious. Of the 'karanas', 'bhadra' is the most unwanted while 'bava' and 'thaithula' are very auspicious. Twenty One Mahadoshas After taking into account twenty-one 'mahadoshas' great evils , the astrologer suggests good muhurthas attaching great importance to 'lagna' ascendent or the rising cusp and position of the moon in the horoscope. The moon is to be avoided in the 6th,8th and the 12th houses at any cost. Thus fixing a muhurtha is a time-consuming arduous task for an Indian astrologer.

For normal purposes, people take into account one or more of 'tithi' or 'nakshatra' or 'chandra bala' or 'tara bala' or 'rahu kalam' or'durmuhurt' or 'thyaja kala'.

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While in Tamil Nadu, South India, reliance on 'Rahu Kalam' is very common, in North India, people follow a similar one called 'choughadia' for routine works. However, when a muhurta is fixed, the 'panchaka' five-source energy should be strong. While in Tamil Nadu, South India, reliance on ' Rahu Kalam ' is very common, in North India, people follow a similar one called 'choughadia' for routine works.

Accept Learn more and manage my choices Close and accept. Search Query. Display results as : Posts Topics. Advanced Search. What is Muhurta. This treatise is y p0 means complete. Yet I have gathered information from many acknowledged source which I am sure will be found to be of the greatest use to the modern man os that instead of merley passing through the formality of astrological consultation, by montebanks, he may be enabled to so time his activities as to move in harmony with the laws of nature.

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