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When it comes to Cancer man and Capricorn woman marriage, Although the marriage compatibility of Cancer and Capricorn is.

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Three Planet Conjunction

However he is more cunning than sincere, a bit proud, easily angered and fickle minded. The native may be learned, noble, good looking, but with fluctuating fortunes. It gives best results in 10 th house. None is comfortable in this combination. For illustration, please refer Chart No.

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But in their debilitation signs, there could be a fall as well. This is a good combination for intelligence of high order or success in movies, photo studio or music. He may be quarrelsome, sinful, have a hairy body, suffers many diseases and litigations. He may die in a foreign country through poison, fire, weapon or imprisonment.

He may be a writer, professor, banker, astrologer or sculptor. He may suffer from eye disease and at the last stage of life, he may be devoid of money and will be fed by others, but his children will prosper. One may not get a son before 40 years of age. For illustration, please refer chart No. Kak and Chart No. He may have a feminine face and behave like an eunuch and suffers humiliation. He may live off others and remain sick.

One is benefited and gains from business. He may have defect in some limb, waste money on women. This gives good results in Upachaya houses. As per Hora Sara, he may acquire some money in old age. He will be short-tempered, and have marks of injury on the body. If afflicted he may be a thief, addicted to women, adulterous, and of bad habits. The native may be born to a bad woman and also marry such a lady. If in 1 st or 7 th house, may not marry at all. The native may be wicked, fickle minded, quarrelsome, ill-famed, indulges in sinful acts, and inimical to own people.

In 1 st , 9 th or 10 th it will give very good results, bad results in 3 rd , 4 th or 8 th and moderate in other houses. The native is too much attached to money. The native is learned, cultured, honourable, industrious, wealthy and engaged in self-comforts. He is greedy, highly covetous, mean in conduct, jealous of others, and blameworthy. In 7 th house, it causes disturbances in marriage, married life and troubles through children.

The Process of Qualifying Yogas

He will, however has little comforts from children. Gives bad results in 4 th or 6 th house, where he has asthmatic or cardiac troubles. The native is intelligent, highly learned, proficient in many arts, has great literary success, very good looking, born to a chaste lady, comfortable life, charitable, with no enemy, and will do good deeds. In 2 nd , 10 th or 11 th house, makes one very wealthy.

But in 7 th house, one will be ruined due to influence of opposite sex after marriage. He will have good company of many women, have bad married life or lose spouse early. He may bring bad name to in-laws and die in foreign land.

12 Houses In Astrology

One gains through finances of others. For illustration, please refer Chat No.

Effect on Human Lives

Raman and Chart No. The native will be servient, menial, working in lower echelon, poor, seek help from others, wanderer, cheat, lives in secluded or foreign places, and will have facial or eye diseases. One should avoid influence of opposite sex, otherwise Venus being malefic brings ill-fame and unhappiness from progeny. The native is intelligent, honourable, liked by rulers, but jealous, licentious, cruel, wicked, conceited, unkind, lean bodied, have wounds on the body and is bereft of friends. The native has knowledge of various arts and attached to his own country.

How to predict three or four planets conjunction? ग्रहों का नेसर्गिक बल

But in 7 th house, one may not have enough wealth, suffer from domestic and gstric troubles. He will be learned, courageous, fortunate and devoted to his wife. Tags Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas. Writen by Dr. Labels: Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas. Newer Post Older Post Home. Adawal Astro Channel Dr. Author Details Dr. Adawal joined the corporate world. He soon climbed the corporate ladder and worked in senior positions in a plethora of prestigious companies such as DCM, Modi Xerox, Tatas, Nortel and presently Reliance Industries.

He has served in the field of telecom since the liberalization process started in India. His experience of 35 years plus has been with regulations, government relations and support services in the field of telecom, energy, retail and life science.