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To get the very best out of everything that the day offers, you must find a way of being tremendously creative, spontaneous and artistic on the one hand, utterly responsible and down-to-earth on the other. I know you can manage it! You may have to bite your tongue and hold certain thoughts back. Actually, if you make the slightest effort to be more charming than usual, partners will be completely taken in.

However, you may share in a generally lively and potentially colourful day. Make the most of it. You must find the will-power to resist a dangerous temptation. Your public status and reputation concern you more than you sometimes admit! Finally, and at long last, many events, developments and feelings which have been shrouded in mystery or locked in the realms of the unconscious will rise to the surface.

Universal energy makes you look inward. The desire for passionate encounters and profoundly deep conversations is strong. The horoscope predicts that january 10 would be an ideal time to begin projects to enhance your spiritual awareness. Read also : horoscopes based only on your Zodiac star sign. Look at all the facts first. After the 19th of january , do one of your favorite activities — take a new course of study to challenge your intellect and expand your personal vision of the Universe.

Foreigners may enter the picture that are younger and seem ahead of their time. Issues arise on the 25th of january concerning daily environment or communications with others. After the 30th, travel is favored. Go some place with a different lifestyle and culture from yours. Communications abound. A new love could enter your life. Some of you may take the big step. The 10th and after is an ideal time to journey down the aisle!


At work things could be heating up. Disagreements and arguments may arise. Someone may challenge you for no apparent reason. Take that extra energy and begin a new diet or health regimen to make you feel better. Exercise helps relieve the stress and anxiety. After the 19th of january you are more in touch with your inner self and undergo significant psychological transformation. The yearly horoscope says that january 25 brings up issues about personal values or earning power.

After the 30th of january, deep thoughts and conversations may be numerous. Use your inborn creative talents to devise new methods to improve your health or increase personal productivity at work.

The moon is in Cancer today.

There could be plenty of paperwork and communications there. Co-workers are generally pleasant and supportive.

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Watch the tendency to overindulge in food and drink! The 10th of january would be a good time to start a new diet or exercise routine. A passionate romance could ignite. The 25th illuminates issues that may concern some personal emotional situation. Creative projects begun after the 10th will help you get in touch with both.

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  • Sleeping patterns may be disturbed this month with deep unconscious energies being stirred up. A great month for early spring cleaning, beginning construction on a new home, or renovating your existing one. Watch the temper with co-habitants. After the 19th of january , focus on work and your health — is modification needed somewhere?

    There could be issues regarding your spirituality that arise on the 25th. After the 30th, communications at work and concerns about health will increase. Playfulness and a sense of humor endear you to someone sweet. Have fun.

    Horoscope today: January 19, 2018

    Sagittarius Nov. A new coat of paint amazes. Plant seedlings and tend your garden for flowering results.

    Capricorn Dec. An intellectual puzzle takes a surprising turn. Follow a hunch. Discover an incredible plot twist. Aquarius Jan. If you get windfall fruit, make jam. A lucrative opportunity offers interesting possibilities. Pisces Feb. You're stronger and ready to make improvements. Go for what you really want. Keep the faith and have fun. To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Most Read Stories Think Seattle's rich?

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