These two symbols obviously speak of Mars and the Moon combined once again, and the active and passive energies within. Their heart has something to say, but fires need to be quenched first, and all anger issues must be resolved so that messages from the heart can be heard. Until then, the feminine and sensitive will only serve to build understanding and extinguish what burns in this person's Soul. While battles of those born on the 8th of February rage on and create a strong ripple in their emotional world, we will see that their only goal in this life is to find self-respect as a result of emotional acceptance.

Their mission hides in their personality, acknowledgement, and the way they can shine in the real world, leading others towards self-awareness and a healthy ego. A deep change they need to go through won't be easy, and most of them will find to be different from their family, their genetics and any ties to the past they have grown up in.

Happiness in love hides beyond personal growth in the world of those born on the 8th of February, and their relationships could be true emotional rollercoasters until they learn who they are and how their differences can be used for the greater good. Since the challenge of understanding between them and other people is at work here, they will always have emotions to share, and be involved with people with unclear boundaries that might hurt them and show to be dishonest in some way.

Only as they get to know their own personality with all its strengths and weaknesses, will they progress to relationships that bring fulfillment and stay on a safe distance filled with mutual respect. It is not their goal to find someone to merge into one with, but to find someone who can be complete without them, to create a truly functional bond where both partners are self-sufficient, in love and happy.

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The first part of their life will usually point them in a direction that allows them to help those that were bruised, or send them on a chase for goals of their parents. This is an unconscious need to move on in a certain direction, in a pace given to them by other people. As they grow older, they will start to discover their true talents. They will excel in sports, active workplaces, and environments that allow them to interact with people openly and freely. In time, they become successful managers, leaders, and public figures that have something to share with the world.

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Guided by a powerful Martian energy that needs to relate to their hearts, individuals born on the 8th of February need something for kundalini awakening and the best stone to support them is Stichtite. It is a crystal with a profoundly loving vibration that is used to heal emotional matters that are unresolved and find forgiveness.

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As a very protective stone, it will create a shield around them that will protect them from negativity and leave enough room for them to deal with matters of the past they need to heal. A birthday present for a person born on February 8th is always tricky to find, simply because they wish to be more serious or less sensitive than they really are. More often than not, their passion will burn a bit too brightly, but they need time to learn that it is a gentle approach that will keep it functional and calm.

When you choose their gift, respect the need of the moment and their current interests. To stay on a safe side, it is wise to hold on to their hobbies and interests you share with them, giving them information they seek in the form of a book or a course. Forceful and brave, they never lose a battle if their heart is invested in it.

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These individuals are strong, endurable, and passionate, always ready to jump into new adventures that will make them feel alive. Rushing into things their heart is not ready for, they can hurt themselves and people around them. A Capricorn is not very emotional and can easily live a detached and reserved life. Capricorn Virgo Compatibility A Virgo individual is as realistic in his approach as a Capricorn and both of them have a very level-headed personality.

They can be easily relied upon, are totally dependable and have a mature outlook. Capricorn Libra Compatibility Libra and Capricorn are somewhat different and somewhat alike. The romantic compatibility of their love match depends on how much either of them is ready to adjust.

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A Libran is an extrovert by nature and loves to interact with people. Capricorn Scorpio Compatibility A Scorpio is as scared of getting involved in a frivolous relationship as a Capricorn. Both of them are very sensitive and very emotional, but none of them ever lets this show. Capricorn Sagittarius Compatibility Two entirely opposite individuals, Sagittarius and Pisces are not very likely to share a very good compatibility in their relationship. Capricorn Capricorn Compatibility Who can understand the nature of a Capricorn better than another Capricorn?

Both the individuals think from their mind, rather than their heart. They are very practical and down to earth and always have clear-cut aims in their life. Capricorn Aquarius Compatibility At best, a Capricorn and an Aquarius can beautifully complement each other. At worst, they can clash almost every minute of the time they are together. It will depend on where they benefit from each others contrasting qualities or collide because of them.

Capricorn Pisces Compatibility The differences between a Capricorn and a Pisces are often more complementing than contrasting.

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  6. Though they are completely opposite in so many respects, yet they seem to gel quite well with each other. Capricorn Men The Goats are conservative by nature and prefer to play by the rules. They are very protective of their emotional and financial security, and will not take anyone on face value. You will have to put in a lot of effort to prove your trustworthiness to get close to the Goat.

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    If your sweetheart is a Capricorn, and you wish to get married, you would be better off first getting your Kundali Matching done. Some other characteristics of the Capricorn men are given here below. They take a long time to open up, express their love and share their experiences. You have to give them enough reasons to trust your sincerity.

    Since they protect themselves so carefully, people find it very difficult to connect with them emotionally. This is why their desire for love, respect, and praise often goes unfulfilled. They are friendly and love to mix with people but you cannot expect them to be the partying types. Even at social gatherings they will behave conservatively.

    get link The Goats are generous and wise, and are admired for their logical thinking and simple outlook towards life.