And, their sexual appeal is strong enough that they generally do get what they want. They find it difficult to share their partners, though they will likely never admit this. In stark contrast to Mars in Libra, who is most comfortable with the middle ground, Mars in Scorpio has a black-or-white philosophy of life. Real living , to Mars in Scorpio, is all about accepting challenges and making changes.

These people constantly test themselves, and, often, others. They make all kinds of rules and goals, just for the personal satisfaction that comes from achieving or mastering them. Their survival instincts are strong, and they embrace their own animal nature when they are all alone with themselves, without guilt. These people have a provocative quality to them.

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This quality is usually most evident in youth, though it is often carried over into adulthood in more subtle, controlled ways. Mars in Scorpio natives who have low self-esteem can become mighty twisted. Instead of beating themselves up, they turn self-loathing outward, and end up manipulating others and feeling resentful. See also Mars in Scorpio Sexuality.

Scorpio Ascendant people have a lot of presence. There is something about them that tells the world that they are not to be pushed around.

Their manner commands respect, and in some cases, fear. Scorpio rising people can be quiet or loud, but they always seem powerful and determined. You either love or hate Scorpio rising people — they are rarely people who go through life unnoticed. In fact, some of them are confused when faced with the fact that they get such strong reactions from others. They seem to look right through people, seeing through superficiality.


This can be quite intimidating to some, and intriguing to others. Scorpio rising people, in their dealings with others, look for answers by reading between the lines. Surface details are discarded when they are getting a feel for people and situations around them. Scorpio rising people value their privacy so much, it can border on paranoia. They have a strong need to control their environment and are experts at strategy.

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Rarely people who will blow their chances with impatience, they plan out their moves carefully and deliberately, relying on their awesome ability to feel out others and situations. Scorpio rising natives are drawn to down-to-earth, natural partners. Reliability in their partner is very important. They generally look for complete commitment and have little patience with flighty partners. More on Scorpio Rising. Future Forecast Report. All About Scorpio Scorpio Ascendant. All Rights Reserved. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

It stands for enjoyment, pleasures and financial decisions. Turquoise gemstone helps improve your analytical thinking and have better control over your emotions and ideas. A pair of exclusive skiing boots for the Sagittarius man and a good book on photography for the woman. The December 6 birthday personality loves gifts that have something to do with travel and adventure. Tags december sagittarius. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

One comment. Many Scorpios possess a suspicious outlook, and need to know the reasons behind everything. Main negative traits : Intolerant, violent, jealous, resentful, distrusting, secretive, tempermental. Their inner intensity can result in the ice-cold restraint and detachment of the surgeon, the concentration of the research scientist and the heroism of the soldier. Any profession in which analysis, investigation, research or dealing with the solving of mysteries are present appeals to Scorpio.

Their secretive natures make them natural detectives. Police ,espionage, the law, physics or psychology are attractive professions to the Scorpio. As writers and orators they excel.

The Scorpio character is the one you see up on the podium delivering fiery speeches. They succeed because they communicate the power of their convictions. Topaz can be found in a variety of colors, depending on the proportions of water and fluorine impurities yellow, clear and blue being displayed here. The mineral is a silicate of aluminum.

Alternate Stone is Citrine.

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In ancient times, it was believed that citrine could bring a sense of balance and well being to the wearer. It should be cleaned in warm soapy water with a soft bristle brush. My astrological planner can help with a description and questions specially targeted at helping you navigate this time. Be on the lookout for my planner to come soon! I believe that whenever a planet goes direct, it is typically a positive thing, bringing more clarity and forward momentum around the particular issue the planet deals with.

Neptune is the planet of our spirituality, intuition, past, and inner life. When Neptune goes direct, it gives us a rare opportunity to receive positive insights about our lives, who we are, what we have been through, and where we go from here. It gives us a chance to heal our It whispers very quietly, and likes to work alone. That is because the matters that Neptune deals with are so sensitive, so personal, and so close to our hearts. So, take the time today to listen to what your spirit, soul and intuition KNOW are true, even if it makes no logical sense. Your mind could be working overtime to put all the pieces of your life together bit-by-bit in a logical fashion with both a full moon in Gemini, and Mercury retrograde.

Sometimes the things you cannot see, touch, or feel matter more. Your soul knows what you need, and will not steer you wrong. If a thought enters your mind today that takes you out of balance or disturbs you If a message is truly from your soul, you will feel it strengthen and edify you, even if it isn't what you originally wanted or hoped for!

It is time to release and let go of all the baggage from your past that has been holding you back and keeping you stuck in bad habits and negative self talk. Home Gemini october 30 weekly horoscope by marie moore. World Junior champions in figure skating — Ladies' singles.