The Dog needs a friend's help to build a dam to save water of money.

Years and types

Dog Month is October, the month before the winter. Dog Hour is from p. That is the time to take a rest for the day. Pig Month is November, the first month of the winter. Pig Hour is from p. That is the time to turn in. Therefore, Dog will lose its passion when seeing Pig. To have a good career achievement, you need more energy, spirit, and passion when working. Chinese Zodiac Dog vs. You were born in the Year of the Dog. The following is the Brown Pig year prediction for people born in the year of the Dog.

When Dog meets Pig, your prosperous future will arrive soon if you overcome the coming challenges. Career: A tree can grow on the top of the ground. Wood can conquer Earth. Wood gives Earth pressures. Wood represents your career. The Pig is Water and contains Male Wood. Water is the mother element of Wood. Water will fully support the Wood. Wood is strong inside the Pig. Therefore, Pig brings good opportunities in career to you. If Pig doesn't have an enthusiastic attitude to work with you, then you can ask someone born in Horse year to help you.

Horse contains Female Fire and Female Earth. Earth of Horse and Wood of Pig have an attractive relationship related to Earth.

Chinese Astrology: The Horse - Personality & Compatibility

Horse and Pig can get along well together. Dog and Horse also have good relationship regarding Fire. The Horse brings the harmonic and energetic spirit to the team. Three of you can become a great workforce. Job Change: Wood represents your job. The Pig contains Male Wood, which is a tall tree.

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That's a strong sign for job development. Looking for a new job might cross your mind. If a company offers you a new position, then you have choices. If you are full of passion for the position and you are well-prepared, then accept the offering.

If you feel some communication gap while discussing your career future, then you can skip the opportunity and stay in your current job. Wealth: The Dog is related to Earth and the mountain. Water is your Money Star. The Pig is connected to the river. Water keeps flowing toward you.

Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility

That means lots of moneymaking opportunities coming to you. Mountain cannot absorb all the water. Water will flow around the mountain. That implies you will miss some wealth opportunities. For money management, you should ask advice from financial experts. Love: Pig and Dog hardly have romantic sparkle. They still have similar tastes. They can work something out together. If you are a gentleman, then Water represents your girlfriend or wife. If you are a lady, then Wood represents your boyfriend or husband. The Pig contains Wood and Water.

If you are single, then you have good opportunities to meet your ideal companion. Therefore, you can attend more social activities, your true love might be there waiting for you. You have better chances to meet sincere friends at the outdoor events under the sun. Don't miss this opportunity. If you feel not comfortable in public, then you can ask people born in Horse year as your company.

They can make a harmonious atmosphere during social events. If you are in love, then you and your lover will often meet together.

Year of Dog Chinese Zodiac: Prediction, Personality & Compatibility

You will be a happy and affectionate couple. If you are married, then you should express your appreciation for having a caring, romantic and sweet marriage life. Social Circle: Pig and Dog don't have common interests in friendship. Your people's relationship is just fine. If you cannot find someone who would like to share common similarities with you now, then you can change the social group. You can try more outdoor social activities. You might be able to find someone who can laugh together, trust each other, share secrets and release resentments there.

Quarrel: If you argue, dispute or have a lawsuit with someone, then you should negotiate a truce with the rival. The Pig is offensive and destructive water. The case is quite unfavorable to you. She is well noted for her hard-working habit and strong sense of duty.

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She finds in hard work not only a necessary means to achieve her idealistic goals but also an anaesthetic against anxiety and frustration, which are her most dangerous and tenacious enemies. On the other hand, she never fails in whatever is normally expected of her, being steady and conscientious in all her undertakings.

Your Chinese Zodiac Prediction for the Year of the Dog

She often goes out of her way to assumes burdens — any pretext may be taken that may bring her additional responsibilities. Many reasons account for her comportment. First, her heart is liable to fits of generosity, just as her skin is to periodic disorders. Second, there exists in her a solid root of masochism: If she does not do to others everything that is in her power, it is she who will develop a feeling of guilt. Third, to be responsible means to be needed, and there is nothing she prizes more than feeling needed.

It is hard for her to adopt a more detached attitude. Just as what happens to her male counterpart, the Dog woman possesses a very precious quality which very few people are aware of and appreciate: She is one of the most affectionate souls that ever inhabit this world; in particular, she can have exquisitely tender feelings for those closest and dearest to her.

12222 predictions for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water Dogs

What is wrong with her here resides in her almost systematic disinclination for demonstrativeness. She honestly believes that it is quite sufficient to have sentiments and that all tangible proofs of the heart are only unnecessary frills. Considered under a certain angle, this nature appears to have many undesirable traits. This may explain why she is never quite popular despite her numerous finest qualities. Although less taciturn and secretive than the male side of the sign, the Dog woman still has a distinctive coldness and aloofness in her make-up by normal standards.

Rarely does she show herself warm and sympathetic. She expresses herself rather dryly in speech and writing, reluctant to let herself go a little freely. About the only times when she loosens her self-control are when she feels justified in flaring up — but her non-violent, harmless indignation ends quickly, too quickly to reveal her real self.

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It is always surprising to see so much stiffness and strictness in this woman. If she is exacting and severe with others, she is even more so with herself. Still, she is a hard person to live with, and being under her authority invariably proves a harrowing experience because of the tremendous, relentless pressure she is keen on applying.

It seldom occurs to her to consider the necessity or advisability of being more tolerant and easy-going. Her worst defect is perhaps to take everything, and especially herself, too seriously.