Ketu does not rule any moon sign. During horoscope matching, astrologers and people do give more importance to Rajju Porutham since life risk of either spouse is likely.

Sirasu Rajju will cause the death of the boy and Kanda Rajju will cause the death of the girl after marriage. Chevvai dosham is one of the dosham which is most feared one since it is going to create the life risk for the match. It is also known as Manglik dosha.

Kalathra Dosha | Ganpati Rudraksha House

When the planet Mars is placed in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses from lagna ascendant , chandran moon or Sukran Venus in a natal chart, then native is considered as suffering from Chevvai Dosham. However there are lots of cases, Chevvai dosham is exempted. Similarly no matter where the Mars is placed, the lagna Ascendant of the horoscope Cancer Katagam or Leo Simham , then Chevvai Dosham is exampted, This list will grow and an astrologer can predict whether a chart really suffers from Chevvai Dosham or not.

In cases, if there is Chevvai Dosham for a girl or a boy, then the spouse should also have such dosham. Otherwise it would create life risk for person with not having Chevvai Dosham. Mostly it denotes the bad indication on a chart.

Remedies In Vedic Astrology

Kalathra Dosham Kathira Dosha can cause delay in marriage and can end up in no marrige during the current life. The houses 2, 7 and 11 is considered for judging the Kalathra Dosham on a chart. However 7th house is given paramount importantance. Venus is the Kalathra Karaka in boy's horoscope and Jupiter is the Kalathra Karaka in girl's horoscope.

No connection between 2nd, 7th and 11th house can lead to delayed marriage usually. The malefic planet or malefic affliction in 7th house or in 7th lord can create problems in married life. The array of planets affliction with 7th house or 7th lord can cause divorce and re-marriage. Usually the strong and benefic present on 7th house can lead to happy married life.

If there is a connection with Bhadaka or Maraka with Karaka or 7th lord, then the horoscope needs to be analyzed carefully. Even though such aspect exists, the effects will be seen only during the corresponding Maha Dasa or Bukthi Athar Dasa Period. If such a dasa period is already passed in early life or coming up in later age after 60 or 70 , then there will not any issue. The young to middle age is very important. In case of such dosham present and active maha dasa is running, then the native will experience in delay in getting married.

If already married, it can create serious conflicts between the spouses and can lead to temporary or permanent separation. Today's fast and competitive world, married people with kalathra dosha do not wait until the malefic dasa or bukthi period to get over.

Ganpati Rudraksha House

They will soon end up in seeking for divorce. It affects both the boy and girl in married life. Because once the worst time period has passed, there will not be any more issue. Puthira Dosham Purthra Dosha on a natal chart can cause delay in child birth or problems during child birth. When a native has malefic planet or malefic affliction on 5th house, it is called Prutha Dosham.

For a boy's horoscope, 5th is mainly considered. However on a girl's horoscope, both 5th and 9th house is considered on judging the Puthira Dosham. The 5th house and 5th lord 9th and planets presents in or accepting 5th house is given paramount importance in judging puthira dosham. The planet Jupiter Guru Bhagawan is called puthira karagan. When a girl chart has weak Jupiter, she has to go through problems in conceiving and delivering baby. The planets in 5th house can indicate the gender of a baby.

For example, venus and saturn represents girl baby whereas Jupiter, Mars and Sun represents boy baby. When the native has malefic Saturn on 5th house, he or she will get blessed with a baby on a middle age.

Saturn (Sani)

The presents of a bhadhaka affecting both 5th house and 7th or 9th house, can deny the child birth in the current life. The malefic affliction with Mars can end up having C Section delivery and the malefic affliction with Mercury can result in pre-mature baby. Malefic Ketu present on 5th house can cause miscarriage on a girl chart. If ketu is aspected by natural and functional benefic, then there will not be any issues. When matching horoscope in arranged matching, the strength 5th and 9th house on each horoscope is analyzed to get the combined result on the effect of timing of conceiving and delivering baby.

Sayana Dosham is connected with Marital Problems and it mainly denotes the sexual incompatibility between the couples. But it can also cause delay in child birth as a domino effect. When the native has a weak 12th house, then he may end up having Marital Problems. The weak 12th house meaning that a malefic present on the 12th house. When the there is a powerful Jupiter or Mars aspect to 12th house when such a planet being yogakara for the ascendant, this dosham will get nullified.

Eventhough there is a malefic planet or aspect to 12th house, it is nothing to be feared. Because the problems will rise only during that particular maha dasa or bukthi period. The 7th house in a horoscope stands for bed, spouse, harmony, partnership, happiness, marital happiness and good bonding with the spouse.

Kalathra Dosha signifies, afflicted marriage house and problems in the marital life and happiness. How Kalathra Dosha effect Married life?

:: Marriage Astrology

It causes delay in marriage and even separation. So, before marriage compatibility of both the bride and bridegroom horoscope is essential to check. It is very important to check this dosha before marriage. Group Ganam.

Class - Signifying Animal. Nadi Hour of 24 m. Demon Rakshasa. Purva Palkuni. Uttara Palkuni. Please consider the tables more carefully.

As is shown Chart- B , the Gunas are of various values and are distributed under eight heads. Caste of the sign oh, not of the person! If both fall in the same caste signs, or the caste of the bridegroom be higher, there is one Guna of the thirty-six otherwise there is none. Vasiya known as attraction to each other, or keeping in subjection, one of the prime considerations of marriage. If the zodiacal signs of bride and bridegroom be of the same genus Chart-A this represents two Gunas. If the person kept in subjection be also the "food" of the other, this counts for only one-half Guna.

If there be natural friendship between the general of the bride and bridegroom this stands for two Gunas; and if one be an enemy to the other, and also keep the other in subjection, it represents only one Guna. The consideration is as follows: To the human genus every quadruped, saving only the lion, remains in subjection; for instance, the quadruped ram is subject to, and is the "food" of, the human genus, with one exception, the Brahman.